Important Stuff About Bruce Unger

Bruce is a Canadian-born singer songwriter who got lost in a place that he claims was 'pretty confusing', citing poor signage as the main reason for not finding his way out.  However once he realised he was pretty much stuck there, he decided to hang out and pretend that he ended up there on purpose.  To pass time, he started writing songs.  

Despite losing a good few years whilst not really making a single serious attempt at getting 'un-lost', this detour resulted in the production of Bruce's acclaimed debut album 'Blowin', released in 2009.  The songs on Blowin were hailed as “multidimensional nuggets, with clever and slightly dark lyrics, beautiful guitar work and instrumentation” (ExMogul Music). The Cheers Magazine asked listeners if Bruce might be the “Irish Nick Cave?” and argued that Blowin “features some of the best tracks of 2009...” 

Bruce can often be seen performing his own material in places where he had not intended on being. He has a small, but very dedicated following.  His name is Greg.

No one is really sure where Bruce is right now, but there is word on a street that he is working on a follow-up album to Blowin, which Greg is really looking forward to.